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The photochemical effect of ultraviolet radiation on micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, molds
and yeasts has a destructive withering effect. It does this by disrupting the nuclear mass of the
cells thereby stopping cell division, preventing multiplication thus killing the organisms or rendering
them completely inert.

The lamps in our light fittings generate light at the spectral line at 254nm, which is very close to
the maximum spectral range for germicidal effect. The lamps we use have special glass envelopes
which filter out ozone-forming radiation.

UV light from the fitting is 99.99% effective in the reduction of airborne organisms and odors.
It destroys airborne infections and ensures a reduction in the spread of a multitude of airborne
infections like Tuberculosis, protects co-workers and the general public against such contagious
diseases and sanitizing the atmosphere in the immediate surroundings of the light fitting.

The system complies with the standards of the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Council of
Disease control (CDC) and NIOSH, and is completely safe to people. The unit has been thoroughly

tested and validated by the University of Pretoria.
The fixture is effective at all mounting heights including high or low mounting.
In rooms where the air has to be sterilized continuously, installing upper-air irradiation fixtures on
the ceiling creates a continuous cycling zone of UV-C bellow the fitting and above people.
Forced ventilation and even normal convection ventilation, causes micro-organisms to circulate
through the room and via the fitting's UV-C zone where they are exposed to the radiation which
kills or neutralizes them.

The fixture is designed to irradiate the upper room air without the need to build expensive additional
HVAC modifications . This is achieved by the use of uniquely designed parabolic reflectors and
non-reflecting louvers which confine UV-C radiation to an intense and highly effective zone,
extending outward through the upper-air, with very low levels above or below the concentrated
zone. In fact, it is so effective that a single fixture can provide coverage for rooms up to 30m².

Our full range of full-air irradiation fixtures can be used in
various applications such as hospitals, medical centers
and clinics, laboratories, inside of ambulances, food and
beverage preparation areas and industries, animal and
poultry industries, pharmaceutical and the cosmetic

The UV Fitting covers an area of approx. 30m².

It is recommended that UV units should be used in conjunction with ceiling fans.
Kills Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in less than half a second.

UV-C Safety
Since UV-C has an extremely low penetrating factor it is almost completely absorbed by the outer
dead layer of skin (known as the stratum corneum) where it can do little harm.
UV-C radiation cannot cause cataracts as it cannot penetrate the lens of the eye - it can only reach
the superficial layer of the eye and may only cause some irritation if overexposed. Regular clothing
and eye glasses completely block UV-C radiation. In situations where people are exposed to UV-C
radiation for longer than eight hours, they can check the exposure levels with a sensitive UV-C
meter to assure safe and prolonged exposure periods for such applications.

Service offered

  • Timely lamp replacement and servicing (effective lamp life 8000 hours)
  • Cleaning and electrical conformity maintenance to ensure safe working
  • Testing of the UV Irradiation to ensure efficiency in accordance with specifications
  • A quarterly visit to the site by a qualified technician to ensure that all is well
  • A quarterly report on the status of the installation
  • Disposal of the removed lamps in accordance with the health and safety

Ashur Medical UV Air Sterilizer

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